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 Report Rules

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Agent Forum
Agent Forum

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PostSubject: Report Rules   Mon Oct 04, 2010 8:40 am

Bugs Report

if u saw a bug in-game,then we have to fix that,if ull inform us whats the bug,We'll Fix that,but if not,we have nothing to Fix.

Pls Take a SS or a Video of Bug and tell us Where or what was it.

Illegal name aren't allowed,if ull see a player with a Ilegal Name,Pls Take an SS and Report Him.
_______________ ________________ _____________________

Hack Report

If u got hacked mean that u Shared ur Account with someone,if u're playing in Cafe,Someone saw ur Account Information,change it immediately,u played in a Computer that had a Keylogger,u visit pages that are not FMU Property,etc

so if ur Account got hacked,is ur Fault.

FMU has a Great Security with in-game Accounts.

Even Administrations can't see ur Passwords.

_______________ ________________ _____________________

In-game Offenses Report

Players With Bad Behaviour,if ull Report a Player For his Bad Behaviour,he'll be banned if he told u Bad words more than 3 Times,if not Please don't Report him Because he won't be banned.

PD: if both insult each other on the SS with 3 or more = both the reporter and the accused will be banned

/disablechat -> u'll not see their PMs
/enablechat -> u'll see their PMs again

Illegal Guild Name Reports,a Illegal guild name isn't allowed,if ull see a player with a bad Guild Name,Pls Take ss of him and Report it here in our forum (Must be the Guild Master),We'll give him 2 Days to delete his Guild and post it in ur Report,or else his Character will be banned Permanently.

Hack Attempts Report,if ull see a player telling u that u won a SET FO Free,or whatever,asking ur Accounts informations,Pls ignore him and Take SS of him then report it here,and he'll be Banned Permanently.

*** Impersonators,if ull see a Player Impersonating *** Name,Pls Take SS and Report him here.

_______________ ________________ _____________________

3rd Party Programs Report

3rd Party Programs Report,Must have Strong Proofs (Videos,SS of the Whole Conversation with this Player thats using the 3PP)and these Proofs will be ☺☺☺☺yzed for our Senior Staffs,Then when we'll have the Correct Answer for ur Report We'll Answer it,And inform u Everything about the report and what we have ☺☺☺☺yzed.

Report must Follow the 3PP Format.

_______________ ________________ _____________________

Lost Item Report

Lost Item Report,The Reporter must have Strong Proofs about his Problem,or else,we can't do anything,Lost items Report,will be investigated by Senior Staffs if the Reporter has Strong Proofs,and we found thats legit Report,The item Will be Restored.

Don't Be 100% Sure that ull have ur item Back.

If u got DCed:
You must Take SS of what u was doing when u got DCED,SS When u got DCED,SS of ur item Before the DC,SS of ur Store and Inventory Just when u logged in after the DC.

If the Item Lost had 3 OPT and ABOVE:
The Investigations will be more easy,Checking the Reporter Acc to be sure if is a Legit Report,if Yes,Item will be restored Right Away,if not Account will be Blocked 2 Months for False Report.

Strong Proofs:
In Each Report,the Senior Staff Will ask u some Proofs to see if ur Report is legit,u must provide it all,or else,We'll not solve ur Report Because we arent sure if ur Report is Legit.

_______________ ________________ _____________________

Remember,be fair,we Check Everything in ur Report before an Answer.

Posting on Report Section

Irrelevant posts will be removed.


1st = warning without infraction
•2nd = warning with infraction
•3rd = 24 hours ban
•4th = 1 week ban

False Report

Reporter's intention is to destroy the other forumer's reputation with false reports


• First offense = 2 days Banned
• Second offense = 7 days Banned
• Third offense = Permanent Banned

How to report watch this:

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Report Rules
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