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 Server Special Events!

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PostSubject: Server Special Events!   Sun Oct 10, 2010 12:20 am

ok special events begin.

SouLp0gi: Admin whats The special events?

Zhen: ok soulta3 this event is for all players
old players and new players this is Reset Events

NiceEpal: reset Event? what do you mean.

Zhen: ok reset event is like
Exam: 100 reset 200 reset or more reset = items or special items.

BossKupal: admin this special event is hard?

Zhen: well its something like that.
reset=item its good right..
ok this is the require for all items reset..

FO+13 items FULLgear Any choice [Set.sword.2ring.1pen.+wings]
option wings +38 or +7hp

pet all pets gold.red.black. SouL 30+30+30+30 this is additional from 100 reset..

FullSocket Full gear any choice [Set.sword]

FullGear Fo items+gmOption Any choice [Set+2sword]+access+wings.. option given by admin.

FullGear Accient+FO set any choice.[Accient+foSet.2sword.AccientFO2ring.1pen]

FullGear Of Socket+FO set Anychoice. [socketFOSet+2sword] i add access+wings Fo+13

well if u have 999 reset..
i will talk to you :]

Zhen: thats the require reset=items
i hope all players like it..

NiceEpal: sir can i join..

Zhen: Yeah like i said to all players lol.

BossKupal: sir but how if i got 200reset.. and u gve it to me the price
what happen to my reset??

Zhen: nice question bosskupal.. well all reset is still and continue..
so dont wory i will not change to zero ur reset :]

SouLp0gi: sir how can i get the price??

Zhen: well.. u can get the price using mail or pm me here.
or i will add Threads for this events. or i will put it in your vault or inventory automatically.. and u can pm me in game why not :]

NiceEpal: but how the marlon Quest?

Zhen: well iddnt fixed it.. for now if u got reset require.. i will fixed it to your combo.. :]

Hoizenpogicutehandsome: Ok sir nice event ... :]]

Zhen; well goodluck to all players :]

IF u join here i advce make 1 char with ur main and 1 char for this event
or dont do the quest marlon and 3rdjob quest.. make it last..

So thats my Events for the server to all layers who play here in extendmurules :]


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Server Special Events!
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